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Sports underwear for 60,000 yuan? GPS sports monitoring device for the World Cup football match!

World Cup Soccer GPS Sports Monitoring Device
World Cup Soccer GPS Sports Monitoring Device

I don’t know if all the 2022 World Cup football fans have noticed that during the World Cup, players exchanged jerseys with each other, or lifted their shirts because of the heat. Clothes that are suspected to be sports underwear, and such special clothing has caused discussions among many netizens.

But in fact, the world football players are not wearing sports underwear that everyone misunderstands, but GPS sports monitoring devices worth more than 2,000 US dollars!

What is a GPS Motion Monitoring Device?

Although the GPS sports monitoring device looks like sports underwear, there is a small device located in the middle of the back, that is, the GPS sports monitoring device, which can monitor the athlete's position, moving speed, distance, trajectory, and other information at any time, and can be converted Calculate the calories consumed during outdoor sports and record the time and intensity of each exercise. In the past, this device was mainly used to measure the heart rate of athletes, and transmit the collected data back to the wireless base station on the side of the stadium, so that World Cup coaches can instantly use mobile phones and tablets to understand the current situation of athletes and keep it for future tracking.

And this technology has been used in Germany, the 2014 World Cup champion team. With the advancement and popularity of technology, many top professional teams and even college and high school teams have used this device to pursue better sports performance, and not only used by world football players, but other sports can also be used. Today's devices have also been developed to be more portable and diverse, which can not only record the exercise of an individual but also compare their strengths and weaknesses with others.

What is a GPS Motion Monitoring Device?
What is a GPS Motion Monitoring Device?

World Cup The biggest reason to choose a GPS sports monitoring device

According to the current technology, sports watches and bracelets can also perform monitoring functions. Why don’t athletes choose sports watches that are more beautiful?

Because the GPS sports monitoring devices used by athletes are incomparable to ordinary sports watches, and because the physical fitness of World Cup football players is substantially different from that of the general public, professional players can perform different physical skills in one second. , so the sports monitoring devices used by professional players must have the function of recording more than ten times per second.

The device specially designed for professional players has a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and heart rate receiver, etc., which can obtain data on sharp turns, jumps, shocks, and instantaneous explosive force. The study points out that the physical activity and gas analysis generated by combining these data Measured energy expenditure was strongly correlated, demonstrating that predicting physical activity allows the calculation of metabolism and load.

The monitoring device used by the world football players is equipped with multiple processors not only for accurate tracking, but also for long battery life and a weight of fewer than 50 grams, which can reduce the burden, and can monitor more finely and maintain accuracy. The device is placed in two The upper back between the shoulder blades is the least affected. Although it is a bit embarrassing to be designed to look like a women's sports bra, it does not need to add more clothes to cause sultry heat, and it can also fit the device more closely to the skin to avoid inaccurate data.

What function can GPS sports monitoring devices play in the World Cup?

The training volume of professional athletes is unimaginable for ordinary people. During intense exercise, the human body will secrete adrenaline to slow down the pain and even make the affected part feel no pain. Therefore, it is too late to discover the injury caused by exercise.

For example, in the past, the World Football Team Sweden had asked the player Zlatan Ibrahimovic to make fake movements many times in a certain game, and each movement must be accelerated quickly and then suddenly decelerated. For a player weighing about 95 kg, it is undoubtedly a kind of injury, and it is easy to damage the body, but if there are more devices, the coach of the World Football Team can effectively track the status of the players and avoid injuries.

Moreover, if a World Football Player exceeds the physical load and exercises excessively, it is very likely to affect the probability of future injury and affect performance. According to research, the gyroscope in the monitoring device can measure the change in the internal rotation of the foot during exercise. It can instantly detect abnormalities and provide information about possible injuries. For example, if there is an obvious difference in the data of the two feet of a player, it may be a sign of fatigue or hidden injury in one foot.

After all, the most unbearable part of a professional player's career is injury. In the early stage, he could only maintain his condition through regular inspections. With the GPS sports monitoring device, coaches can respond at any time through the system and detect problems early to avoid overtraining of World Cup players. Injury prevention also improves the efficiency of rehabilitation.

GPS sports monitoring device enhances World Cup soccer sports environment

With the advancement of GPS sports monitoring devices, not only the world football players can better understand their state, but also the coaches can grasp the team more easily. It is the data leak, which will not affect the performance of the world football stars themselves. Instead, they can communicate with each other and listen to different suggestions in this field.

Although this device is already very good, it still has a disadvantage, because the sports monitoring device uses GPS or GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) tracking. If it is in a relatively closed World Cup football stadium or indoor stadium, the data will be Even if there is a radio identification technology that can improve the accuracy of data, it is necessary to set up expensive equipment. I believe that better devices will be developed in the future according to demand. Such technology is just around the corner.

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