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World Football In-Play Betting Five Key Points – Football Lottery!

football lottery
football lottery

During the recent World Cups, the popularity of sports lottery among Indians has gradually increased. There are only a few months left until the World Cup 2022. Are you ready to play the sports lottery in the World Cup? The most common understanding of lottery is "pre-match betting", but there are exciting and fun "in-field betting (going ground)" that are 3 to 5 times higher than the former. For lottery betting, be sure to understand the lottery The question of how to buy, then I will tell you about the five key points that you must pay attention to!

In-Court Betting - Lockout

The situation in the World Football Championships is ever-changing. Even if a player is intercepted by an opponent when making a long pass, it may easily affect the result of the match. Therefore, in-field betting will often appear "locked", temporarily stopping players from playing the lottery. In the action of betting, the odds of the event will be updated and betting will be reopened after the game situation stabilizes.

In-Play Betting – Changes

Just like the introduction of "locking the market", the in-play betting will adjust the odds according to the situation of the game. If the betting is made at the same time, the odds may be displayed 2 times, but at that time it is actually "changing the market", but the order is displayed. 2.5 times.

One of the possible reasons for the "change" is that the previously leading team is suddenly overtaken, reducing the chance of winning, so the odds increase the odds; on the contrary, if the odds decrease, there is a chance that it is the opposite of the above reasons.

In addition, it is also possible that the handicap set at the beginning was too much or too little, which caused the change.

Things to pay attention to. Although you can only be relieved when you encounter a change, it does not mean that the bet slip on hand is destined to become waste paper. You can still hold a glimmer of hope. In addition, I remind you that some lottery players on PTT said that they should not bet arbitrarily when they encounter a change. If you insist on betting, you must find out what caused the result of the change.

In-Court Betting - Early Close

When the game is about to end and it is no longer possible to change the result of the game, the in-play betting will perform an "early closing" action, which prevents players from betting. Taking football matches such as the World Football Championship as an example, under normal circumstances, the game will be closed about two to five minutes before the end of the legal match.

If the game encounters severe weather changes such as heavy rain, dense fog, blizzard, etc., players are injured and retire from the game, or if real-time information on the situation on the field cannot be obtained, the game may be closed early.

In addition, some games in the football lottery will also be closed early. For example, under the no handicap game, the leading team's odds are lower than 1.01, and the betting will be stopped and the market of this game will be closed early.

In-Play Betting - Temporary Cancellation

For example, severe weather changes in the above-mentioned "early closing", or the withdrawal of players and the inability to obtain real-time game information may lead to the temporary cancellation of the market, and the paid bets can be by the relevant regulations of the lottery company. to apply for a refund.

For example, when the 2020 Euro Cup Group B match reached 42 points, the Danish player suddenly fell to the ground and almost died. The game was called temporarily and the betting on the field was also temporarily canceled.

In-Course Betting Payout Time Points

Payout means giving out bonuses. One of the characteristics of in-field betting is that the betting bonus can be paid out very quickly. Under normal circumstances, the winning bonus can be claimed around ten minutes after the end of the game.

However, no matter what sports competition, there will be a situation where the result is disputed from time to time. If some information sources of the competition do not match the result, the bet will be paid out according to the regulations after the result is confirmed.

Field betting
Field betting

Live betting broadcast

International events such as the World Cup football match or major professional events such as the five major leagues will be broadcast by media or sports betting platforms such as the World Cup Live Elda. Although some events do not provide event broadcasts, the sports lottery single-field match notice will be notified first. Of course, there is no need to worry too much about playing the World Football Lottery. After all, it is a large-scale event every four years, and there will be no broadcasts!

Some people only want to pay attention to one game and can choose to bet on a single game, while some people will watch multiple games at a time. This type of football fans can play cascading betting, betting on multiple games at a time, up to eight games. And the odds are higher than a single game.

There are hundreds of football games played every day. It is highly recommended that you can bet on the field while watching the game to experience the excitement of the game more.

The World Football Championship is approaching, have you found the right lottery betting shop for you? May wish to refer to 【 LUCKY11 】!

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