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FIFA|Football farce established 48H European Super League (Part 2)

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Do you still remember what I said in the first part of the World Football sideshow that Real Madrid took the lead in establishing the European Super League? Today, I'm going to reveal to you whether this league will continue to exist? And what is their current situation? Does it affect the players' qualifications for the World Football League? What is the attitude of the outside world and the UEFA Europa League (UEFA) to the European Super League? The following FIFA World Cup 2022 will bring you the next episode of the World Cup Europe!


Article Directory:

  1. European Premier League accused of 'betrayal of tradition'

  2. The European Super League still exists. Can the remaining three teams participate in the 2022 World Cup?


European Premier League accused of 'betrayal of tradition'

After the introduction of the "European Super League thing" in the previous article, I believe you are curious about how it is perceived by the outside world!

  • The views of people from all walks of life in the football world

In fact, since the news spread, former Manchester United star Gary. Neville fired the first shot immediately, saying: "I dislike Manchester United and Liverpool the most. Liverpool say they are the people's team, 'you never walk alone, the fans' team. Manchester United is a hundred years old. shop, born from the nearby workers, and they are going to split into a league that has no competition and will not be relegated?" After that, other football people also took their positions and said that the European Premier League is a departure from European football clubs and traditions. Wait for the speech.

  • World football fans bounce back

Not only that, but many fans were outraged when they heard about it, they felt it hurt European football culture.

However, these objections can be said to be within the expected range, because UEFA is a part of life for many European people, and they expect that the teams and players concerned can be promoted, and they can represent the club to participate in UEFA events, regardless of whether Whether the team is strong or weak, there is a chance to fight for it, which has always been one of the main points for fans to watch.

In addition, as soon as the European Super League was established, UEFA and FIFA immediately warned that clubs that joined the European Super League would be stripped of their World Cup qualifications. Fans rebounded when they heard the news.

  • British government condemns

Not long after the European Super League was announced, it immediately aroused criticism from all parties, not only the sanctions by UEFA, but also the opposition from football seniors and fans, and even offended the European football with a long history. British Prime Minister Johnson, Prince William, and French President Emmanuel Macron publicly condemned it.

The European Super League still exists. Can the remaining three teams participate in the 2022 World Cup?

Under the overnight opposition, the 6 English Premier League (Premier League) teams that originally joined the European Super League came forward to apologize and withdrew from the plan. In the end, only Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus were left. Tus these 3 clubs. Just when everyone thought that the league had collapsed, Real Madrid's president Perez said that the plan was on hold. The original 12 teams had already signed contracts and could not be easily terminated. Everything was waiting for the time to come.

The original warning by UEFA and FIFA to cancel their league and World Cup qualifications was also rejected by the Swiss Federal Court. The Swiss Federal Court said that the three teams should not be severely punished, and the appeal was suspended, but UEFA said that it will try to restart as soon as possible. Punishment of the European Super League.

In a recent interview with Juventus President Agnelli, he said: "The European Super League has not failed. UEFA knows that I am doing something different. This league is for 12 teams, not individuals. All 12 teams have signed contracts. The contract is still valid for 11 of them. Last year was the first time that 12 teams issued a statement. Now we are still waiting for the court to decide whether there is freedom and transparency in this industry. I have confidence in the decision. "European football is in a desperate moment and needs to be reformed."

As for whether the European Super League will restart in the future, everything depends on the follow-up trend. Certainly, the remaining three clubs will not easily give up the formation of the European Super League.

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