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Three of England's biggest names to watch at World Cup 2022!

England's high profile players
England's high profile players

England is the ancestor of modern football history, and the 2022 World Cup is coming in November. Apart from captain Harry Kane, how much do you know about the England football team? This time the World Football Championship 2022 English football has re-emerged, and the new head coach Gareth Southgate has broken the principle of employing big-name players, making the team a breakthrough.

Today, let's introduce the three active players who will represent England in the Qatar World Cup!

The most expensive center-back in football history - Harry Maguire

Harry Maguire is 29 years old and currently plays for Manchester United Football Club (Manchester United). In 2019, Manchester United signed Maguire for 80 million pounds, breaking the football's highest-paid central defender. In 2020, Maguire also officially took over the position of Manchester United captain.

Harry Maguire was selected for England's national football team in 2018 and has performed well as a starter. In England's first World Cup group match, he scored three points with a corner kick and won England's first victory in the group match. In 2021, Harry Maguire will be called up again to participate in the European Football Championship. In the knockout round of 16 against Germany, he stopped the German attack with superb strength and won the best player in the same match.

In his football history, he can be regarded as a constant winner of awards every year. We will look forward to Harry Maguire's performance in this World Football Championship.

Qatar World Cup Most Valuable Winger - Bukayo Saka

Born in 2001, Bukayo Saka, who is only 21 years old, already has the title of the most expensive winger in the world and a European supernova.

Bukayo Saka joined the Arsenal Football Club of the English Premier League at the age of 8 for youth training. The training at Arsenal gave Saka good dribbling skills, and he often used his excellent foot skills to get rid of opponents on the field. He has outstanding offensive and defensive abilities, and he can completely resist the shortcomings of his body type and age, and experience.

Saka was selected for the England national team for the first time in 2021 to play in the European Football Championship and was named the best player of the tournament by the Football Association after the game. Young and powerful players bring different new opportunities for England in the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup 2022 Star - Luke Shaw
World Cup 2022 Star - Luke Shaw

World 2022 star behind Beckham - Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is 27 years old. Although he is tall, his speed on the field is not affected at all. He currently plays for Manchester United and is also a defender of the England football team in the World Cup 2022.

In 2014, Luke Shaw, who was only 19 years old, was selected for the England football team to participate in the friendly match between England and Denmark and was successfully selected for the 2014 World Cup player list in the same year. Made his World Cup debut against Costa Rica at the World Cup in Brazil.

Luke Shaw often uses his strong explosiveness and precise long passing on the court to make opponents create a continuous threat. He is very good at assisting on the field. The 2020 European Football Championship and the Italian final, which was postponed due to the epidemic, scored a goal after 2 points and became a national player with 1 goal and 3 assists throughout the season. The team is second only to Beckham in assists in the history of the European Cup.

Can England strike again to win World Cup 2022?

Although England is in the player draft, the new head coach Gareth Southgate boldly appointed a new batch of young players and cooperated with senior players to bring about new changes in the team, trying to eliminate the process of lack of connection. However, England's defense on the field is too conservative, and its offensive tactics are too single, often allowing opponents to break through offense and defense and miss scoring opportunities.

The current Qatar World Cup is the first football World Cup to be held in winter. The British Premier League season coincides with the World Football Championship, making players tired of the competition, which may indirectly result in the performance of the competition, so whether England can Qualify for the World Cup final is still a big unknown.

The above is the introduction to the three stars in England. Do you know a little more about the World Football Championship 2022? If you want to read more about the World Cup, or are still looking for where to watch the World Cup live, then you are here! Just click the button below and register to watch the World Cup live for free, so you can play the lottery at the same time, and watch the World Cup football match more interesting!

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