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Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?

Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?
Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?

England, a traditionally strong team, achieved an unforgettable result in last year's European Cup.

After a variety of major cup competitions, but failed to achieve good results. In particular, the World Cup has not been able to win the championship again. The best result in recent years is the 2018 World Football Team. If you always say it's not unexpected, why is that? Can England win the World Cup again in 2022?

Strength recovery? ! European Cup sets new team record

The slogan "Let football go home" has appeared in various major cup competitions. It symbolizes England's desire to win the championship, but since winning the World Cup in 1966, it has never won any major cup competitions. Not only In this way, even the results often fail to satisfy the fans.

It was not until the 2018 FIFA World Cup that he reached the semi-finals and won third place, and then won the runner-up in the 2020 European Cup, maintaining the record of clean sheets in the process, but unfortunately, he lost in the PK match. Bad impression of England.

From the 2018 World Football Championship to the 2020 European Cup, it seems that I want to wash the past evaluations, and I can feel that the positive strength is gradually recovering. The most obvious is before and after the European Cup, seven consecutive games, and 662 minutes without conceding a goal, such a strong defense has written a new record for the European Cup, making people re-understand the traditional strong team of England. The series of Europa League events in June was like recharging for the World Cup, losing a bunch of games, even an unprecedented 4-0 loss at home, but considering the European Most of the Nations League teams in the World Cup feel like they're rearing, so don't worry too much about England's performance in the Nations League.

The golden lineup has never won the championship. What is the plight of England?

The members of the England team all play for clubs in the five major leagues, and there are many star players. The current captain is Harry Kane, the sharpshooter who won the World Cup Golden Boot Award, and the team is cultivating several young players. In the past, there was a problem of inconsistency between Spain and the Netherlands.

But England's disadvantages and threats still exist, such as the lack of wide players, lack of blasters, too single tactics, and too conservative defensive strategies at present. En Rooney, Ashley Cole... and many other world-class stars, not to mention winning the World Cup football championship, even the good results were not left behind.

And because of the tightness of the English Premier League, players often fail to have enough rest time, which increases the threat that England is difficult to play beautiful results. However, this dilemma may be improved this year. For the World Football Championship 2022, it is specially stipulated that the Premier League's 22-23 season must change the scheduled time.

Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?

In addition, a big reason has to be attributed to the lack of experience in international competitions. Whenever it enters a critical moment, it always falls off the chain. The England national team is also known as the Three Lions. It is not difficult to guess that its name is taken from the team emblem. However, due to the aforementioned reasons, when discussing England in the Chinese-speaking circle, it is always called the Three Meow Army. But because of this, when England won the runner-up in the 2020 European Cup, many fans found it unexpected.

Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?
Can England bring football home at the 2022 World Cup?

In the group stage of the World Cup, England will face the United States, Iran, and Wales. If nothing else, England will successfully advance to the top 16 of the World Football Championship, but whether it is the United Kingdom's internal struggle or the competition with the United States is very exciting, especially in the past, England and the United States have faced off several times in the World Football Championship. None of them have been able to win against each other, which is a joke for England, which has great strength.

Do you think England can easily break through the group stage in the upcoming World Cup 2022, or even win the World Cup to bring football home?

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