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FIFA announces five popular Brazilian players in the 2022 World Cup Neymar may be a complete shock!

FIFA announced five Brazilian hot players
FIFA announced five Brazilian hot players

The 2022 World Cup is about to start, and the favorite team to win the World Cup, Brazil, has become the focus. Brazil is the only national team to reach the World Cup final every year, and the only legendary team to have won the World Cup five times. The FIFA World Cup announced the five most-watched Brazilian players, Neymar, Thiago, Marginhos, Casemiro, and Lucas Paqueta. Today, let's introduce these five strong world football stars!

Neymar - The last World Cup battle

Neymar, 30, has been Brazil's first-choice player since qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. Neymar also mentioned in his documentary that the 2022 World Cup may be his last competition, but Neymar, who is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain, is still quite good. In this new season of Ligue 1, he has played 6 times. He has scored 9 goals and 6 assists in all competitions. He has achieved excellent results in the club and has become the soul of the Brazilian national team with outstanding strength in recent years.

Neymar could be at the heart of the attack in this 2022 World Cup, alongside another young forward who is full of enthusiasm and energy.

Thiago - the oldest player on the Brazil national team

Thiago is currently the oldest player on the Brazilian national team. He has played 96 times for the national team. He is the second player to represent the national team with the most appearances after Neymar. Only Neymar and Thiago have players who have participated in the 2018 World Cup and were rated as one of the best central defenders in the world by FIFA.

Thiago has the excellent ball-handling ability and excellent control on the field. He currently plays for Chelsea in the Premier League. In the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League final, he became Chelsea's oldest player to play and won the championship. Players have such superb ability is precious.

Maginhos - in peak condition for the 2022 World Football Championship

Margins, 28, was Thiago's long-term defensive partner in Brazil's national team, and his development at the club over the past nine years has put Marginhos in the best shape of his footballing career.

Margins are agile and have excellent offensive and defensive strength. He has an excellent heading and jumping ability, and can defend against high-altitude ball attacks. Long passing is also one of Marginios' strengths. Over the years, Marginhos has often played for Brazil and has gradually been regarded as a leader on the field by the fans of the Brazilian national team in the World Cup.

Casemiro - is one of the best defensive midfielders in the world

Casemiro won a total of 15 trophies during his time at Real Madrid, including five Champions Leagues and three La Liga titles, before moving to Premier League Manchester United in August this year.

Casemiro is excellent at intercepting the ball and has a very quick judgment ability. He is currently one of the best midfielders in the world. Originally, the head coach of the Brazil national team at the World Football Championship, Tite, did not intend to include any players who participated in the Champions League final in the national team, but because of Casemiro's strong professionalism and outstanding strength, the coach had to be included in the 2022 World Cup. Cup football players list.

Lucas Paqueta - the hottest new star in Brazilian football
Lucas Paqueta - the hottest new star in Brazilian football

Lucas Paqueta - the hottest new star in Brazilian football

In the 2022 World Cup group match against Colombia, Lucas Paqueta scored the only winning goal, allowing Brazil to advance to the World Cup final five rounds, and also confirmed that he will appear in the World Cup final list.

Lucas Paqueta is 25 years old. He is mainly an offensive midfielder. He has excellent organizational skills. He can always find the position of his teammates and pass the ball to the opponent with precision. In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, he also had a good tacit understanding with Neymar, scoring many assists and goals along the way.

Brazil is the most popular team to win this year's World Cup

Looking at the above five strong players, it is not difficult to win the World Cup again according to Brazil's current strength. This 2022 FIFA World Cup is coach Tite's last coaching. Tite's tacit understanding and cooperation among the Brazilian national team players It has also been polished for many years, making Brazil invincible in the World Cup group stage.

For Brazil, which has not won the championship for 20 consecutive years, winning the championship this time is their ultimate goal, so players and coaches still have to work harder to perform well. We will continue to pay attention to the analysis of LUCKY11 and 2022 World Football Championship Follow the latest updates on Brazil's current World Cup.

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