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Can Brazil win the sixth Hercules Cup? 2022 World Football Cup Group G Analysis!

Can Brazil win a sixth Hercules Cup?
Can Brazil win a sixth Hercules Cup?

The World Cup 2022 is coming soon, and the top 32 of the World Cup have also officially qualified. The most popular in Group G of the World Cup group stage are Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, and Cameroon, a strong African country. Can Brazil stand out in this group stage and win the Hercules Cup trophy, which has been missed for 4 consecutive years?! The following is a complete analysis of the World Cup Group G World Cup team analysis, and then watching the World Cup live broadcast can be more integrated into it!

The African powerhouse that has qualified for the most World Cups - Cameroon

In Cameroon's football history, it has been promoted to the finals of the World Football Championship 7 times in total. In addition to being the team with the most promotions among many African countries, it is also the country with the best results in the African region of the World Football Team. In 1990, he defeated Argentina and Romania, a powerhouse in Eastern Europe, and was the first in the group stage to qualify for the last 16 of the World Cup.

In addition, the Cameroon national team has a very dazzling performance in the African Cup, with 5 African Cup championships. At present, there are many players in Europe in its team, and many players with experience in large-scale competitions, which makes Cameroon have good results in large-scale competitions. In the World Cup group stage may have to work harder.

Can the Swiss Army Knife make its way to the World Cup?

The Swiss national football team is not too prominent among the many powerhouses in Europe, but many players in the Swiss team play in the Bundesliga, so fans generally believe that the team's playing style is an extension of the Bundesliga. Switzerland is located in Central Europe, and some people feel that the team style is more inclined to Italy and France. Combining these points of view, it is not difficult to see that Switzerland is more inclusive and changeable in football culture. Although the country maintains an open mind towards diversity and integration, there are still problems with internal tacit understanding and identity within the team. Lots of pimples to fix.

In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Swiss national team won the World Cup tickets with first place in the group, but the team's attacking firepower was slightly insufficient. If this shortcoming can be improved in the group stage, it may make the World Cup even more unpredictable However, after the group stage will face rivals Brazil and other fast attacking teams, Switzerland still has to pray for God's blessing first.

Can the Swiss Army Knife make its way at the World Cup?
Can the Swiss Army Knife make its way to the World Cup?

Serbia is full of talent, many young and outstanding players

Serbia, formerly the main body of Yugoslavia, once had the title of "European Brazil" and was rich in many superstar football players. However, with the change in the Eastern European situation, Serbia's football strength is no longer what it used to be, and team technology and talents have since stagnated in the past. . Until the 2022 World Cup, it broke through the siege with a new attitude and once again attracted the attention of sports media from all walks of life.

Among the many strong teams in Group A of the European World Cup Qualifying Tournament, Serbia won first place in the group with strong firepower, and scored 18 goals in 8 games, ranking it as the top of the five teams, which shows the strength of Serbia. It's not the past. All young players with both potential and strength have a very big advantage on the field. If they can make good use of them in the future World Football Championships, they may be able to achieve good results.

Can Neymar's last fall knock out the World Cup title?

Neymar, who will be 30 years old, maybe his last participation in the 2022 World Cup. He is still quite optimistic about Brazil's road to winning the championship. With 8 goals and 8 assists, he ranked first in assists in the tournament, fully demonstrating his unshakable status in the Brazilian national team. However, many fans were too frequent for the "Neymar roll", which caused a wave of dissatisfaction, and even felt relieved that the fans in Brazil ended up in the top 8 in the last World Cup.

There are also outstanding players in the Brazilian national team. All positions are top-level or well-known world-class players. Therefore, Brazil's strength in the World Football Championship should not be underestimated. If this year's Neymar can adjust his own appropriately With acting skills and more focus on performance on the field, it is not difficult for Brazil to win the World Cup championship this year.

The above is the analysis of the teams in Group G of the World Cup group stage. Do you have a deeper understanding of the 2022 World Cup? Now fans from all walks of life are looking forward to the arrival of the Qatar World Cup. But do you want to make it more interesting to watch the game? Playing the lottery while watching the game is your best bet. Immediately click the button below, register to watch the 2022 World Cup broadcast for free, and you can also bet on the lottery at the same time so that you can watch and have fun.

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