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In addition to understanding the handicap, you must choose the right online betting platform!

Choose the right online betting platform
Choose the right online betting platform

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is almost here! Many novice players want to take this opportunity to make a fortune by relying on sports betting, but do novice players understand the World Cup handicap before betting, and what does it mean when the handicap shows 0/0.5? How to choose a betting shop?

It doesn't matter if you don't understand it yet, this article will teach you how to look at the World Football Handicap, and how to choose between Indian Sports Lottery and Sports Lottery online betting, so that novice players can play Sports Lottery painlessly!

Read World Cup Handicap Before Playing Sports Betting

When they first came into contact with the lottery, many players have seen the handicap written

【A V.S B / How to play » Handicap】 → Team A wins 1.5/2 at home, odds are 1.98; team B wins away at odds 1.88

But I still don't understand what 1.5/2 before the odds means, and I dare not bet. This is the additional rule opened by the bookmaker for the football handicap - handicap, which will be listed in the table below. Common football handicap comparison table, so that players can better understand.

First understand the World Cup handicap
First understand the World Cup handicap
for example:

Qatar World Cup Top 32【Qada v.s Ecuador】

1. Qatar +0.5, odds of 1.73, Ecuador 2.23

→If the result is 1:1, then Qatar loses all; 2:1, then Qatar wins all.

(+0.5→ A tie equals a loss, and a 1-point win is required to count as a Carda win)

2. Qatar +0.5/1, odds of 1.97, Ecuador 1.95

→If the result is 1:1, Qatar loses all; 2:1, Qatar wins 50%; 3:1, Qatar wins and loses.

(+0.5/1→ If you win 1 point, you will only win 50%, and you need to win more than 1 point to be considered a total win for Qatar)

The above are descriptions and examples of football handicap markets, and so on for other numerical markets…

Remind players that the lower the handicap score is, the lower the odds will be. It is up to the players to decide how to play World Cup betting!

Understanding the handicap is not enough, it is more important to choose the right sports betting platform!

It is not enough for players to understand the betting market. It is more important to choose a good betting shop. Many players who are new to sports lottery will think that choosing the Indian sports lottery is the safest, but players know to find the right online betting platform. The advantage will be much bigger than the Indian lottery!

Here are 4 benefits of choosing an online betting shop:

▪ Unlimited playtime

This should be known to most players before playing online sports betting platforms! Although there are still some stores that provide 24-hour operation of the Indian lottery, the number is really small, it is better to bet directly on the online platform instead of looking for a long time!

Of course, some players said that Indian Sports Lottery also has the option of online betting, but its registration process is complicated, and it has to wait for the review working day to start the game, which makes many players often confused, and online betting platform registration is not only so troublesome, and easy to use. It is very simple and convenient to do with the opening.

▪ Get high odds

At first glance, Indian lottery and online betting platforms often show that the odds gap is not large, and sometimes even online sports betting platforms are even lower. I think this is a gimmick.

2022/11/06【Chelsea V.S Arsenal FC】

Indian Sports Lottery » Chelsea's home win odds are 2.40, Arsenal FC's away win is 2.20, if the player bets 1,000 yuan and Chelsea wins, they can get 2,200 yuan (the profit includes the principal).

Online Betting Platform » Chelsea's home win odds are 2.56, Arsenal FC's away win is 2.72, if the player bets 1,000 yuan and Chelsea wins, they will get 2,560 yuan (the profit does not include the principal, if the principal is added, it is 3560 yuan).

From the above example, it can be seen that the odds of the online betting platform are not only high but also the profit does not include the principal, far exceeding the Indian lottery!

▪ The types of events and gameplay are more abundant

Compared with the online betting platform, the types of events that can be selected in the Indian lottery are much fewer, and the gameplay is also relatively insufficient. In terms of in-field betting, the Indian lottery opens fewer than 10 games a day, but the online betting platform has fewer than 10 games. is open to every game!

Moreover, in the preliminary World Cup market, SABA Sports provides more than 130 kinds of games in a single event, among which there are more than 30 kinds of champion games, while the Indian lottery only has 2 kinds of champion games, and the rest of the games have not yet been opened.

▪ Unlimited number of ways to play

In addition to fewer games in the Indian lottery, some events cannot be placed in a single game. You must bet on the lottery, but the online betting platform does not force you to collude or limit the gameplay. How do you want to bet? It will be all right!

The above is a description of the four major benefits of the Indian lottery. After reading it, players know how to choose!

It doesn't matter if the player has not yet selected a sports betting platform, there are three major sports platforms in the【LUCKY11 Casino】that this site cooperates with, namely SABA Sports/SBOBET Sports/BTi Sports, which are highly recommended for players!

And among them, SABA Sports and BTi Sports have recently launched the first World

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