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Ballon d'Or favorite - Benzema to return to the World Football Championship

Ballon d'Or favorite
Ballon d'Or favorite

Not long ago, the World Cup qualifiers and the Champions League came to an end, and when it comes to the Champions League, you must not miss this season's hot star-Karim Benzema, he not only helped Real Madrid (Real Madrid) win the championship but also The last World Football Championship team was a strong forward from France but why was a player with such excellent ability once kicked out of the national team and even became a star despised by everyone?

The following World Cup football matches will bring you a detailed introduction to France's world football striker Benzema ——


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World football star Benzema becomes Real Madrid's main player at the age of 22

Lyon club period:

When Benzema was young, he often played football with his friends as a leisure hobby. When he was 8 years old, he entered the club in his hometown and began to practice football. He was not seen until a certain youth team game, with Lyon club. Sign a three-year contract.

He performed very well at the Lyon club. After the generals such as Malouda and Carew left the team, he naturally became the main player of the season. He scored 31 goals in 51 games alone and led the team. Rushed into the Champions League round of 16, was also named the best player in Ligue 1.

World football star Benzema
World football star Benzema
Real Madrid club era:

In 2009, Lyon announced that they would sell Benzema to Real Madrid for 35 million euros, signing a six-year contract. In the season of the same year, he scored a goal in a substitute game, allowing him to integrate into the team quickly, but due to the fierce competition in the team, Benzema only became the main striker in 2010.

But good times don't last, because Benzema was caught in a blackmail scandal in 2015, which made him spurned by many fans. Whenever the team made a mistake, Benzema was always responsible for the blame. Until this year's Champions League, he proved himself with strength. , always played the winning goal in the game, led Real Madrid to the Champions League final all the way, scored a total of 40 goals in the 2021/22 season, and got rid of the title of the king of blame.

France's power forward will be on his deathbed? Benzema is involved in a scandal and is the most powerful "scapegoat"

Many fans should not be surprised that Benzema is so infamous, not only because his private life is very chaotic, but the main reason is that in 2015, it was rumored that Benzema used sex videos to blackmail his teammates, and the two went to court for this. Although Benzema said that he did not admit the extortion, because both parties have their own opinions, only the parties themselves understand the truth.

In 2021, he was convicted by the French court and sentenced to one-year probation and a fine of 7,500 euros, but since Benzema and his lawyer did not accept the sentence, they appealed to the court again. It is also because of this case that Benzema was once expelled from the French Football Association, which also prevented him from playing in the World Cup with the French team for six years.

The story of Benzema's bandaged hand

Although the Benzema scandal did make many fans disappointed in him, it is undeniable that he is an excellent player.

Fans who follow Benzema, have you noticed the bandage on Benzema's right hand? This bandage has been tied to his hand for three years. The main reason is that he accidentally fell in 2019 and caused his right hand. The little finger was fractured and needed to be repaired and rested for 6-8 weeks, but at that time there was no replacement striker in the Real Madrid team, so Benzema chose to use bandages and wrist guards to protect his hands and play directly. His bandaged hands also Have been following him till now.

It is worth mentioning that at that time, Benzema's hand was so badly injured, but he still scored 30 goals in 53 games in the 2018/19 season. As far as football is concerned, he is a very good and responsible player.

Prove yourself with your strength and return to the world football stage again

After the scandal, Benzema did not give up his football career but continued to work hard in the club. Just last year, he finally re-qualified for the French national team and returned to the national team stage with the European Cup. , In addition, his performance in this year's Champions League is even more dazzling, and the outside world has speculated that he has a great possibility of winning this year's Golden Globe Award!

Prove yourself with strength
Prove yourself with strength

This year he will also return to the world football field as the French team. Benzema's performance in the World Cup qualifying match has been very good. In the battle with Finland, Benzema directly dribbled the ball to break through the penalty area. Pushing the net and scoring another point for the French team, so if you want to see more wonderful performances from him, don't miss the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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