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Is 2022 FIFA World Cup Group F | Belgium going downhill? Hopeless to win?!

Is 2022 FIFA World Cup Group F | Belgium going downhill?
Is 2022 FIFA World Cup Group F | Belgium going downhill?

In this World Cup group stage, all teams are ready for the 2022 World Cup. How much do you know about Group F?

Among them, Belgium, which ranked second in the FIFA World Cup, has the golden lineup of the previous session, but the situation is no longer what it used to be. The road to the championship has to work harder; West Asia, will the 2022 FIFA World Cup once again become a dark horse to win the championship?

More detailed explanations are in this article for you to analyze the strength of each team in Group F of the World Cup Group Stage.

Belgium has been ranked No. 1 in the world for 4 consecutive years

Belgium was one of the favorites to win the last World Cup. The golden generation created by Belgium reached its peak in the 2018 World Cup, but everyone is very curious about how it will develop after 4 years.

In the 2021 European Cup last year, the golden lineup was injured and played, so they lost to Italy in the quarter-finals and missed the promotion. Players of the Belgian national team in this 2022 World Cup are seriously injured, especially the strong Belgian player Budelaune, who was unable to participate in the training smoothly due to injury. Therefore, Belgium may have to work harder to win the World Cup championship.

Although the strength of the golden generation is not as strong as that of the 2018 World Cup, Belgium has implemented the "football revival movement". How will the Belgian head coach lead the new generation of players to coordinate with the golden lineup in the 2022 World Cup and advance to the top 4 of the World Cup It shouldn't be difficult.

Croatia's comeback continues to write the legendary history of World Football

In the last World Cup, Croatia won the World Cup runner-up with a tenacious attitude and has successfully become one of the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup. Croatia's achievements in large-scale events in recent years are obvious to all. Not only has it broken through the European Cup and entered the top 8 twice, but in the 2018 World Cup, it will beat Argentina and England all the way, under the leadership of the national team coach Zlatko Dalic. The strength of Croatia continued to rise.

The 2022 World Cup is also led by the captain Modric to advance to the Qatar World Cup. Some players left the Croatian national team after the 2018 World Cup, but the overall combat strength is not too weak. With the adjustment of Zlatko Dalic, there is still a chance to break out of the siege again.

Canada reaches World Cup final again after 36 years

After a 4-0 victory over Jamaica in this year's World Cup qualifying match, Canada finally entered the World Cup ahead of schedule after 36 years. Canada's transformation is due to the national football policy of returning to Guangzhou, which has given the national team coaches full trust and authorization to make Canada The national team has a high degree of centripetal force, and every player goes all out to play. In addition, there are a large number of players in the team who play for clubs in various European countries, as well as new immigrant players from overseas. Many foreign players also give the head coach more choices.

Even so, the Canadian national team players are relatively young. For a world-class event such as the World Cup, the players' pressure resistance needs to be honed. In Group F, they not only have to fight against the last runner-up Croatia and other countries. World No. 1 Belgium and Canada will have to ask the god of luck to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Morocco changes coaches ahead of game to settle disputes
Morocco changes coaches ahead of game to settle disputes

Morocco changes coaches ahead of the game to settle disputes

100 days before the start of the World Cup, the Moroccan Football Federation issued an official statement that head coach Wahid Halilodzic had been dismissed due to disagreements over preparations for the World Cup. This pre-match dismissal dispute had already begun in the African region of the World Cup qualifiers. At that time, the coach refused to appoint the Moroccan stars Hakim Ziyech and Nusser Mazra and even stated that as long as he was still the country team coach, the two players will never be allowed to fight for the country.

Hakim Ziyech and Nasir Mazra are both indispensable strong players in Morocco. Although the Moroccan Football Association did not directly express the reason for the dismissal, it is not difficult to guess that it was to recall the two-star players for The Moroccan national team that will compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Morocco will face a big enemy in Group F of the World Cup group stage. Belgium, Croatia, and Canada are all aggressive. If the problems of players and coaches cannot be solved before the start of the game, there is little chance of qualifying for the top 16 of the World Cup.

The above is the analysis of Group F of the World Cup group stage. Although Belgium is facing the problem of lack of connection, it is still at the forefront of football strength, so it has a great chance to stand out in this group stage, and Croatia will still be in the top spot. What kind of amazing performance did the World Cup football match?

Please continue to pay attention to the latest analysis of the world football team and LUCKY11 world football information, and welcome the arrival of the 2022 World Football Championship together!

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