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Belgium has not won the World Football Championship, and the FIFA rankings are all fake?

Belgium has never won a World Cup
Belgium has never won a World Cup

When it comes to the European powerhouses of the World Cup, World Football Belgium must be one of them. It even ranked first in FIFA. However, Belgium, with such strength, has never won the first trophy in the World Football Championship. The best result is only in third place. What is the reason why the Belgian national team has been unable to win the World Cup championship for a long time?

The following immediately brings you an analysis of Belgium's World Football Team.

Belgium's stable performance ranks second in the FIFA World Cup rankings

Belgium has always had a place in the World Cup and has been ranked No. 1 in FIFA for a long time. Although they dropped to No. 2 not long ago, their strength is obvious to all, and most of them have won the World Cup qualifiers. The overall performance is very stable.

In the early years, they made great achievements and won many trophies from the European Cup to the World Football Championship. At that time, Belgium also made everyone think that their strength will always be like this.

Martinez leads Belgium back to the top of the World Cup

However, since the World Cup between South Korea and Japan in 2002, the Belgian team has entered a trough. From the 2004 European Cup to the 2010 World Cup, Belgium has been absent again and again. It was not until 2014 that Belgium regained its strength. Relying on coach Wilmore Ci has entered a recovery period in Belgium and entered a new stage.

In the beginning, Wilmots did lead Belgium back to the big stage of world football, all the way to the quarter-finals, but the good times did not last. In the 2016 European Cup, Belgium lost to Wells in an upset, coach Wilmo Cis had another argument with the players, which turned the atmosphere of the team into a smoky atmosphere. It was also because of this that Wilmotz was replaced by Martinez after only two years as the head coach of Belgium.

And this time the coach replacement has brought Belgium back to the top. Under his leadership, the team's star players De Bruyne, Lukaku, Hazard, Courtois, and others have reunited. In 2018 The World Cup qualifier directly rushed into the World Cup with a record of 10 games, 9 wins, and 1 draw, and to the top 4, beating England to win third place.

Martinez leads Belgium
Martinez leads Belgium

Belgium's fatal problem, lack of centripetal force, the team is seriously divided

But what is the reason that will make a team with many powerful players not perform well for a long time?

The biggest reason for the serious decline of the Belgian national team is the serious lack of internal centripetal force. Due to the relationship between the Belgian national history and language and culture, the language systems in southern Belgium and northern Belgium are incompatible, which also allows the Belgian team to communicate with each other. This caused problems, coupled with the gap in cultural customs, a huge gap was formed invisibly. The team was directly divided into the French faction and the Dutch faction, and the strong players in the team were also divided.

And this kind of team atmosphere has also caused them to have a lot of internal coaxes, such as Courtois and Zeng de Bruyne's girlfriend cheating, Courtois and the coach having a big fight, and other well-known cases, which also allows them to have a good hand. Belgium was irreversible. It was not until Martinez took office that the situation in the team improved, and the players were reunited to win the World Cup group stage tickets again.

But having said that, the overall situation of the Belgian national team is only better than before. At critical moments, the chain often falls off. Even if their strength is quite stable, the centripetal force in the team is still very important. If you want to win the 2022 World Cup Football champions, this will be their biggest test.

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