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Analysis of Asian Power ▸ Will the World Cup still have a chance to qualify for the knockout rounds?

Do countries still have a chance to qualify for the knockout round of the World Cup?
Do countries still have a chance to qualify for the knockout round of the World Cup?

There have never been so many Asian teams in the World Cup. With the last World Cup Korea beat Germany and Japan to write the best results of Asian teams in recent years, many people can give these six teams an opinion. The line to the top 16 of the World Cup with high hopes. However, as the Qatar World Cup entered the countdown stage, various problems appeared in the Asian region of the World Football Team, which gradually became less optimistic. Who can stand out from the World Cup group stage and become the next Asian benchmark team?

Qatar ∥ World Cup only rookie

Qatar, who entered the World Cup unconditionally as the host country, is the only rookie this year. The group includes the traditionally strong team the Netherlands, African Cup champion Senegal, and Ecuador, which has no underdogs in South America.

Although Qatar is the champion of the Asian Cup and there are many naturalized players in the squad, his strength is not particularly strong, and he has no experience in large-scale competitions. Considering the benefits of the landlord, it is speculated that he can only put pressure on his team to qualify for the World Cup. The round of 16 was quite reluctant.

Iran ∥ has a good chance to advance to the knockout round

Group B of the World Cup group stage is recognized as the most difficult group to directly judge who can qualify. In the group, except for England, which is particularly strong, the remaining three teams (except Iran, the United States, and Wales) are quite average.

As a neighbor of Qatar, Iran can be regarded as a half-landlord country, and it has an advantage in the three teams of comparable strength. However, the disadvantages are also obvious. Recently, there has been domestic turmoil in Iran. The team mainly expressed its position on social networking sites. Retired stars were arrested. The team expressed support for the protesters at the end of the friendly match but was stopped by the government afterward. A series of the incident caused a serious drop in team morale.

On the whole, Iran can advance to the knockout stage, and the biggest key is that the group draws well.

Saudi Arabia ∥ World Cup, you can buy a return ticket first

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia has a slim chance of qualifying in Group C.

There are Argentina, Mexico, and Poland in the same group. All three teams have good strength. Although Argentina has many players due to injuries recently, it is not optimistic, but there are still other teams in the group that can stand up, so there is a high probability that they will become a stepping stone in the same group.

Australia ∥ is too far apart in strength, will it be slaughtered

by others?

The process of qualifying for the World Cup in-game is still vivid in my mind, but it may be difficult to transfer that set of tactics to the World Cup.

The reason is nothing more than that Australia has a gap in strength with France, Denmark, and Tunisia in the same group. In addition, the combination of this group is almost the same as that of Group C in the 2018 group stage. Everyone is an old face. How do you play against other powers? It is not difficult to be handy, and it is difficult for Australia to advance to the Qatar World Cup.

Japan ∥ Trapped in the death group, and it is difficult to escape

The top 32 World Cup Group E is nothing more than a major attraction this time. It is not enough to have the former World Cup champions Germany and Spain, the two major European powerhouses, and Costa Rica, which is in good condition. In the last session, Japan not only advanced to the knockout rounds, but also led Belgium for a time, and almost entered the quarter-finals. There is no other Asian team with such a beautiful record in recent years.

Recently, Japan announced the roster for the World Cup. There are many players in Europe. However, due to the preference of the head coach, the two teenagers, Hiroshi Furuhashi and Genki Haraguchi, were lost. Not long after the announcement, a player was seriously injured, causing him to miss the world. cup.

The original chance of qualifying was already small enough, and now Japan's player problem is even worse.

Japan National Team
Japan National Team

Korea ∥ Worrying! Top scorer Son Heung-min may miss World Cup

In addition to Japan, South Korea can also be called the strongest Asian football team. There is also Son Heung-min, who is known as the first brother in Asia. In the last World Cup, Germany beat Germany. Although Germany was in poor condition at the time, the final result still surprised the fans.

It is a pity that South Korea is deeply involved in the fiercely competitive Group H. Portugal and Uruguay are in the front, and Ghana is ready to go. Although most of the Portuguese injured players are difficult to tell the winner, the South Korean side is not much better. , Sun Xingmin suffered a fracture around his left eye in a recent match at the club. It is unknown whether he can return before the game. The lack of an offensive machine will make it difficult for them to advance.

Korea National Team
Korea National Team

Although Asia has never been known to the world for football, and looking at the overall strength of the game, except for Iran, there is little hope, but the fans can still give him appropriate expectations.

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