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2022 World Cup Argentina Messi success or failure pre-match detailed explanation!

The Argentine national team was established in 1893
The Argentine national team was established in 1893

The Argentine national team was established in 1893. In the 2022 World Cup, Argentina Messi has won 20 major national team championships. Won the World Cup twice. (1978, 1986) won America's Cup 15 times. Won the Olympic gold medal in men's football twice (2004, 2008). In the 2022 World Preliminaries, the Argentine national team secured second place in the group stage with 11 wins, 5 draws, and 0 losses.

The team's biggest star Messi, wearing the No. 10 jersey, played 122 times for the national team and scored 70 goals. Messi has set several records, Messi became the fastest player in football history to score 760 goals, he used a total of 963 games. And this World Cup may be the last time Messi will participate in the World Cup. After winning Copa America last year, fans have a lot of confidence in this team. Whether the Pampas Eagle can realize its dream this time is also worth looking forward to!

Messi, the team's biggest star, wears the number 10 jersey
Messi, the team's biggest star, wears the number 10 jersey

Argentina is in a group with Saudi Arabia, Poland, and Mexico in this World Cup.

November 22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

November 26 Argentina vs Mexico

November 30 Argentina vs Poland

Argentina lineup

Forwards: Messi, Dybala, Staro, Ocampos, Gonzalez, Gomez, Ariste Correa, Arario

Midfielders: Acuna Rodriguez DePaul Palacios Rosellege Nicolas Domingo

Defenders: Foyce Pezella Sarabia Valedi Otamendi Perez Kaneman Tagliafico Medina

Goalkeeper: Martinez Musso Marchesin

Argentina lineup
Argentina lineup

In the 2022 World Cup, whether Messi can realize his dream depends on both strength and luck. Argentina's grouping is quite good. In terms of the overall strength of the other three teams in Group C, Saudi Arabia and Argentina are two grades behind, and the other two teams, Poland, Mexico, and Argentina, are also one grade behind. As long as Argentina plays normally, there is no problem in seizing the opportunity to qualify.

The schedule is also very reasonable. In the first match against Saudi Arabia, we took all three points and got the goal difference. The other two opponents in the same group, Poland and Mexico, will also go all out, and the two sides will be very anxious. The probability of winning the second game against Mexico is very high. As long as the third game is tied, it will be able to qualify. Getting first place in the group again will be very beneficial for the subsequent World Cup schedule.

Argentina's grouping is pretty good
Argentina's grouping is pretty good

In the 16-in-8 game, C1 played against D2. In Group D, France, Denmark, Tunisia, and the winning team in the playoffs, it is not a big problem for France to win first place in the group. The D2 position is likely to be Denmark, and Argentina should be able to win against Denmark. It is also possible that the French team does not play well and falls to second place so Argentina will play against France, but this situation is unlikely to happen.

In the eight-in-four games, all of them are strong teams. Argentina has a high probability of encountering teams from Germany, Brazil, and Spain. All are the favorites to win the championship, it depends on who plays better.

This World Cup is also Messi's last World Cup and his last chance to win the championship. Argentina's frontcourt players are older and their strength has declined. But football⚽ depends on the whole. All players on the field reduce mistakes, seize opportunities, and defend well. Players such as Messi in the frontcourt are no longer involved in defense, and their offense can be maximized. The best offense is defense. I also expect Argentina to win the championship and Messi to realize his dream.

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