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Strictly prevent trouble! Argentina bans 6,000 fans from Qatar World Cup!

Strictly prevent trouble! Argentina bans 6,000 fans from traveling to Qatar
Strictly prevent trouble! Argentina bans 6,000 fans from traveling to Qatar

Qatar, the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has a small land area and various stadiums are located very close together. It is predicted that up to 5 million fans will pour into Qatar during the World Cup in Qatar, including Argentina's World Cup group stage tickets. Best, according to official statistics, there are not a few Argentina fans in the World Cup, and many people want to look forward to Messi's final glory.

Argentina, which is a big football country, also has a very serious football hooligan culture. The authorities and Qatar have both broken their brains. To prevent them from going to the World Cup and sabotage, 6,000 fans are prohibited from entering the stadium.

Strictly prevent football hooligans from causing trouble, Argentina submits a list of 6,000 people

Just like England, Senegal, France, etc., Argentina, like many countries with a football hooligan culture, also has such a bad atmosphere, which makes the authorities very troubled. Football hooligans can cause violence both on and off the pitch even in domestic games, killing hundreds of people every year. Who knows how much of a joke they will make on the international page when they travel to a place with different cultures and languages?

In response, the authorities signed a letter of consent with the Qatari government unit, stating that they would jointly maintain the order of the World Cup football match, and recently submitted a list of 6,000 people, stating that "there are football hooligans, violent crimes among this group of people. , members of illegal organizations, and those who owe alimony.” These people will be banned from the World Football Championship, and 3,000 of them are bad fans who have been banned even locally.

In addition to the 1,300 fans previously banned by the British government, 7,300 people have been determined to be unable to enter Qatar. However, the number of football hooligans under the water is far more than this number. The challenges that Qatar faces in the World Cup are just about to begin.

Argentina's injuries continue to make Messi difficult to lead the team to the World Cup

However, this group of football hooligans from Argentina may be disappointed with their national team. Although Argentina's World Cup winning odds are in a good position, Argentina has been adding injuries recently, and many promising players have announced that they will miss the 2022 World Cup. Cup football game.

Giovanni Lo Celso, the main midfielder in the team recently, will be stabbed in the leg and has been determined to miss the World Cup, and it is difficult for the Argentine team to find a strong player who can match his skills, which is a big blow to the team.

Before that, there are Paulo Dybala (forward), Nicolas Gonzalez (forward) ... and others who announced that they will rest for a while due to injury, making Argentina face a serious personnel crisis.

This state is like the last World Cup football match. Will it be difficult to escape from the World Cup group stage again?

Will Messi be able to win the Hercules Cup in the last World Cup of his career and lead the team to bring the World Cup back to Argentina?

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