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Alcohol restrictions are relaxed! Kada World Cup fans who want to drink must watch these two periods

Alcohol restrictions eased!
Alcohol restrictions eased!

The Qatar World Cup is set to start in mid-November this year. Qatar, which beliefs in Islam, has very strict restrictions on drinking culture. Previously, the Qatar Football World Cup only provided "high-end drinks" such as champagne and red wine to entertain high-level VIPs, which made the advertising efficiency of the main wine sponsor, World Football Budweiser, not up to the standard, and many fans were dissatisfied, which may lead to the loss of sponsorship of the World Football Championship. Therefore, recently, FIFA finally announced that alcoholic beverages can be purchased in two periods.

Qatar World Cup alcohol restrictions are more restrictive, fans should be careful

According to the current laws in Qatar, drinking in public is subject to severe punishment, the most serious possible being deportation or even imprisonment. Therefore, the British government also specifically warned the fans of the World Football Championship that if they want to go to the Qatar World Football Championship, they cannot bring any alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials, religious literature, and pork products to Qatar, because the luggage of passengers will be subject to restrictions at the Qatar Airport. Strict inspection, if any contraband is found, in addition to confiscation, may also be punished by local laws.

In addition to not being able to drink alcohol in public places in Qatar, consumers who need to buy alcohol must also hold a license to buy alcohol before they can drink in restaurants and restaurants that have a legal license to sell alcohol. In addition, the price of alcohol sold in Qatar is also very amazing. World Cup fans who want to drink in Qatar should consider it carefully. The Qatar government will levy a 100% consumption tax on imported alcoholic beverages, which will make alcohol more expensive. will also rise to 100%.

Alcoholic beverages will only be sold for two hours before and after the start of the game

Although the drinking culture of the World Cup has been popular for a long time, in the past of the World Cup, it is not that the host country has resisted the issue of alcohol. In the 2014 World Cup, Brazil caused a lot of controversies because it did not want fans to drink in the stadium. Finally, to appease the beer sponsors, FIFA put pressure on Brazil to make Brazil a compromise.

This time, the Qatar World Cup has finally compromised to sell beer around the football field three hours before the game and one hour after the game, but only non-alcoholic beverages will be sold inside and outside the stadium during the game and other times. This time, Budweiser, the largest alcohol sponsor, has also been allowed to sell beer in the 2022 World Cup fan zone in downtown Doha during the 29-day World Cup schedule from 6:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Sold within two hours before and after the start of the game.
Sold within two hours before and after the start of the game.

The opening of the World Cup’s drinking regulations is unknown. What kind of impact will it have on the last wave of World Cup football tickets that will go on sale at the end of September? Budweiser has been the only designated beer brand for the World Cup since 1983. He also expressed that he would respect the local customs and culture of any host country. The 2022 World Cup is the first to be held in an Islamic country. The rigorous teachings of Islam make it quite different from the previous World Cup with unlimited drinking all day. Fans and the Qatari government can respect each other and follow the customs, and cheer for the 2022 FIFA World Cup together.

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