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The worst ever? Was Iran disqualified from World Cup?

Iran disqualified from World Cup
Iran disqualified from World Cup

The Qatar World Cup has not yet started, but many fans feel that it will surpass the 2002 World Cup and become the worst World Cup in history. In addition to a lot of negative news from the host country, Iran has also been involved recently. amid a negative storm.

A fanatical fan who went to the World Cup on foot lost his news in the country. Most of the World Football Iran's national team players petitioned FIFA to disqualify their teams, and even other countries hoped to replace them.

Everything is messed up, what happened in Iran to make the outside world react so much?

Iran's feminist issue burns the country The topic ignites the world!

Iran's World Cup football matches have ended at most in the group stage, and have not left any dazzling results. Arguably the most important trace of Iranian football history is the Blue Girls self-immolation incident, which prompted FIFA to pressure the country not to deprive women of their right to watch matches.

Fast forward to this year’s World Cup qualifying competition. Although there are still many restrictions, it was indeed a lifeline for Iranian women at that time. They thought that society would become better because of this, but they never thought that the next World Cup will be played. Encountered a thousand disasters.

The tipping point was that a woman was brutally beaten to death by the authorities because she did not wear a hijab correctly. Her life sparked outrage across the country. People from all walks of life, men, women, and children, stood up to demonstrate against the government and were regarded as a country. The heroic Iranian legend, Ali Day, shocked fans around the world when he was replaced for participating in the protests.

Player 'was kicked out of the national team, and it doesn't matter if he misses World Cup'

The protests were loud, and many active Iranian players broke the news to FIFA that Iran still did not comply with the rules of the football federation, and constantly banned women from entering the game. The petition hoped to take practical action, and even in the friendly match against Senegal a few days ago. Iranian teams have expressed support for the protests.

Sardar Azmoun of the Iranian national team further said of the move: "The worst case is to be kicked out of the national team, and even if you miss the World Cup, you have to speak up for women."

However, the Iranian government not only stifled women but also covered up the distress calls sent by these players.

On foot fans detained, Iran faces numerous condemnations and replacement requirements

Sanchez, an avid football fan who walked from Spain to Qatar to watch the World Cup football match, originally expected to arrive in Qatar in a month to attend the event on time, but he was lost after entering Iran. The search for him has finally progressed in recent days, with reports that he is currently detained by Iranian authorities, and the Spanish foreign ministry is still closely monitoring the matter.

The disappearance of the fans on foot has attracted the attention of football fans around the world, and many people with the right to speak have joined in condemning it.

Dominica’s note to the United Nations ambassador wrote in a letter that “the world once again hopes that FIFA will take action to disqualify Iran from the World Cup. The World Cup should not be covered by negative news for billions of fans around the world.” I participated in the competition because he was the strongest team in the final week. A Ukrainian official also said that the drones made by Iran had become an accomplice in the war and should be disqualified and replaced by Ukraine.

Of course, many netizens sneered at the replacement of qualifications by a random team, but many people agreed with what these people said about the current situation in Iran, and hoped that Iran could be excluded from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Will FIFA punish Iran by kicking it out of the World Cup?

With only 20 days left until the start, could Iran be punished by FIFA?

Although the Iranian people have also expressed their hope that their team will be disqualified from the competition, unfortunately, all parties agree that this is a very difficult matter. The matter proposed by Ukraine is not something that FIFA can decide arbitrarily, and although Iran has indeed stepped on it. The norm is going, but it's rather nonsense to replace a team with just a few days left.

And until today, FIFA has not responded to related issues, and fans still have a high chance to see Iran in the World Cup group stage.

FIFA will really punish Iran
FIFA will really punish Iran

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