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Iran's feminist issues continue to burn, fear of being shorn of World Football qualifications?

Iran's feminist issue continues to heat up
Iran's feminist issue continues to heat up

The World Football Championship is approaching. In addition to the escalating human rights issues of the host country Qatar, the World Football Team Iran is also caught in various problems.

Not long ago, it was reported that hiking fans who received global attention disappeared in Iran. Recently, there are even been voices that countries want to replace Iran in the Qatar World Cup. What is going on?

Whether Iran can successfully compete in the 2022 World Cup, this article will show you -

A fan on foot goes missing in Iran! Iran's feminist issue is on fire again

Spanish football fan Sanchez has attracted attention from various countries before. He was originally expected to arrive at the Qatar World Cup in a month. Unexpectedly, this week, foreign media reported that he disappeared the day after arriving in Iran, and his family He also said that he had not received any news from Sanchez since October 2. Although the Spanish ambassador has been involved in the investigation, he could not help but worry about the outside world.

The main reason is that at this stage, Iran has already fallen into chaos, and there have been many protests. The local government has shifted the responsibility to Western countries and began to arrest foreigners. The overall situation has become tenser.

Iran may be kicked out of World Cup for ignoring FIFA rules.

It will lead to the above incident when a woman in Iran did not wear a hijab, was imprisoned by the police to death, and began to burn, which made the local struggle against human rights and sexual equality again.

However, Iran is quite unfriendly to women, and even the World Football Championships are no exception. In the past, it has repeatedly refused to allow female fans to watch the game and shut out local women on the grounds of protecting women from boys. It was not until the Blue Girls incident in 2019, which directly attracted global attention, and under pressure from FIFA, Iran did not let go, but the official said that they had to sit separately from the men, which made female fans dissatisfied and said: "I hope to watch the game next time. We can sit with Dad and the family instead of ourselves.”

Iran ignoring FIFA rules could be kicked out of World Cup
Iran ignoring FIFA rules could be kicked out of World Cup

However, according to foreign media sources, Iran ignored FIFA regulations a while ago, and there was another incident where women could not watch the game. The local area did not fulfill its commitment at all, and women's issues continued to occur locally. It is also for the above reasons that some countries are dissatisfied with their ability to qualify for the World Cup and turn to FIFA to file a complaint.

Multiple appeals against FIFA to exclude Iran from World Cup

A few days ago, the Italian ambassador wrote to FIFA: "The world once again asks you to take immediate leadership action to disqualify Iran from the World Cup. For billions of fans around the world, the world of FIFA is not It should be covered up by negative political news." And asked the Football Federation to let Italy replace it; Ukraine also appealed to FIFA that Iran's production of drone ordnance was an accomplice in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and asked FIFA to remove Iran's qualifications and replace it with Ukraine.

Not only is the outside world dissatisfied with what Iran has done, but the local people are fed up with their government, and recently submitted a statement saying: "The Iranian Football Federation is not only an accomplice to the regime's crimes. This directly threatens the safety of Iranian female fans, as well as our country. Teams play anywhere in the world. Football should be a safe space for all of us.” Demanded that FIFA ban Iran from participating in the World Cup; in fact, many national team players wanted to speak about this before, but were blocked by the Iranian government and threats, one of the players who had been in Europe for a long time couldn't stand it and called on everyone to safeguard women's rights. He said that even if he was kicked out of the national team and missed the World Cup because of this, he would not hesitate.

Previously, although FIFA stated that it would ban Iran from participating in international games if it violated the prohibition of female fans from entering the stadium, it has not responded to this issue at present; as for the question raised by Ukraine, if Iran is involved in the attack on Ukraine, it will be true. face EU sanctions.

As for whether Iran will be disqualified from the World Cup because of this? It is unlikely. After all, not only Iran, but even Qatar, the host country of this year, has feminist issues, but after all, it is only caused by the domestic religion and culture. reason.

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