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Group H is wonderful | South Korea and Ronaldo's love and hatred!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

South Korea and Ronaldo's love and hatred
South Korea and Ronaldo's love and hatred

In April, FIFA drew the roster for the 2022 World Cup group stage. Many groups are expected to stage a very interesting World Football group stage. Among them, Group H caused a heated discussion. The reason is not like the death group in the World Cup Group E. The situation, but the group's country has had some incidents in the past, it can be said to be a revenge group. Among them, South Korea and Portugal have been discussed, and some netizens even joked that "South Korea has a low chance of qualifying for the top 16 of the World Cup, and may give up scoring and make trouble to make Ronaldo injured." What is the love and hatred that makes South Korea Fans so angry that they are so narrated?


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  1. Satire! Ronaldo became the ins and outs of South Korea's nasty ghost, and made a beam in the friendly match!

  2. The seeds of discord have been planted as early as the 2022 World Cup.


Satire! Ronaldo became the ins and outs of South Korea's nasty ghost, and made a beam in the friendly match!

Go back to the summer of 2019, when Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus club was holding an Asian tour. The last stop of the Asian tour was Juventus being invited to South Korea to participate in a friendly match with the K-League All-Star team. After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many Asian fans to witness the idol in person. The game in South Korea sold out 65,000 tickets within 15 minutes of the opening ticket sales, which can be said to be an unprecedented hit.

Juventus should have arrived in South Korea earlier to hold the autograph session, but due to the weather affecting the flight, not only the autograph session was canceled, but even the friendly match was delayed by an hour, and more importantly, Ronaldo was not seen in the entire 90-minute match. In the next game, he sat on the back bench the whole time, but both the fans in the audience and the players of the K-League All-Star team were more looking forward to seeing Ronaldo's performance throughout the game.

So Korean fans were angry. According to the content of the Juventus Korea tour provided by the organizer, it should be guaranteed that "Cristiano Ronaldo will play for at least 45 minutes (unless due to injury or other reasons)" and "hold an autograph session". The response has been submitted to Juventus, but the club only replied "Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't want to play", but later changed his words and said, "Cristiano Ronaldo has muscle discomfort".

Not long after returning to Italy, Cristiano Ronaldo posted a photo of training in the community and noted that it was nice to go home, which made Korean fans think that the reason given by the Juventus club was a lie, different from what Ronaldo had a good interaction with the fans during his trip to China and was brilliant on the court. He didn't even end up during the trip to Korea. Many fans bought tickets just to see how their idols played football. The angry fans burned Ronaldo's football. Around the jersey, they shouted "Messi!" to Cristiano Ronaldo, blasting social networking sites to express their demands, and finally filed a lawsuit against the competition's brokerage company for fraud, and won the case.

How Ronaldo became hated in Korea
How Ronaldo became hated in Korea

The seeds of discord have been planted as early as the 2022 World Cup.

But why did this kind of thing happen to Ronaldo, who pays attention to the image?

After all, the official did not come forward to explain, the following speculation is a third party to judge from a neutral point of view. Taking into account Ronaldo's image, it is very likely that it is not just him. Since only the coach can assign personnel to play, we can infer that the club must also be responsible for this. In the past in the 2002 World Cup, South Korea's black whistle incident, when South Korea bribed the referee as the host country, caused Italy to hate South Korea (Juventus is an Italian football club), and it was very likely that it was buried at that time. The seeds of discord between the two sides, and caused Ronaldo to not play.

According to South Korean media, Juventus apologized to the South Korean organizers afterward and claimed that Ronaldo was only following the club’s arrangements and that it had nothing to do with him. However, Korean fans did not pay the bill. Since then, whenever Cristiano Ronaldo is mentioned, he will be called a "nasty ghost", and even fans have a headache because the Cristiano Ronaldo doll standing at home is difficult to handle. It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo's Portugal national team was also illegally enforced by the black whistle at the 2002 World Cup. He was not a member of the national team at that time, but it is very likely that he also disliked South Korea because of the black whistle. Fans are still generally disgusted with Ronaldo, and we must see a wonderful feud in Group H of the World Football Group shortly.

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