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2030 World Cup 100th anniversary, nations vie for 100-year rights to host tournament!

Countries vie for the right to host the centennial event
Countries vie for the right to host the centennial event

The current Qatar World Cup has not yet started, and the 2030 World Cup is quietly preparing behind the scenes. Counting time, it will be the 100th anniversary of the World Cup, and it must become an unprecedented event.

In addition to Uruguay, which hosted the first World Cup, eagerly looking forward to the "return" of the event, there are also many competitors who are eyeing the qualification to host the 2030 World Cup. A few days ago, Ukraine officially joined Portugal and Spain as co-host partners. Form a battle of dragons and tigers no less than the World Cup group stage, please continue to lock us for more world football news!

Co-hosting has become a new trend in the World Football Championship. Who will host the 100th anniversary?

Due to FIFA's decision to expand the competition and restructure, the World Cup group stage has been expanded from the original 32 groups to 48 groups. If it is held by a single country, it will face a cost crisis and it will be difficult to recover the invested funds. Therefore, jointly hosting the competition and sharing the cost has become a problem. A new trend, the 2026 FIFA World Cup is the first time that the three countries will be the hosts together.

The countries that have publicly stated that they are competing for the right to host the 2030 World Cup

◆ Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile

◆ Morocco

◆ Portugal, Spain, Ukraine

In addition, Saudi Arabia plans to jointly bid with Greece and Egypt to host the World Football Championship across three continents.

First hosts and champions gather in South America to look forward to the 'return of the world'

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the World Cup, Uruguay, which hosted the first World Cup and won the first World Cup champion, joined Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile to announce the qualification to compete for the host of the World Cup.

The president of the South American Football Federation also said that "this is not just a matter of a single country, but the dream of South America as a whole."

Uruguay's sports director has made a statement on the blueprint for the preparation of the 2030 World Cup. The entire event will revolve around 14 stadiums in 4 countries, and the budget has not been disclosed. However, considering the limited number of tickets for the World Cup in all continents, 4 of the 6 seats in South America were reserved by the host, and the football kingdom Brazil almost guaranteed one of them to enter the World Cup group stage, it is not difficult to guess that it will be again Formed a bloody storm.

Ukraine joins Portugal and Spain in bid to host 2030 World Cup

The Ukrainian-Russian war has not stopped until now, but the Ukrainian Football Association believes that hosting the World Cup is the dream of all Ukrainian fans, so they decided to organize with Portugal and Spain to participate in the qualification of the World Cup host, and the two partners praised this dream. , has now applied to UEFA.

In the past, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales) and Ireland had planned to co-host the World Cup, but it was assessed that it would cost at least £2.8 million. Cup, allowing other countries that are also in the European region of the World Cup.

At that time, insiders in the Irish government believed that the transportation between Portugal and Spain was more convenient, so it would be better to jointly host the World Cup. Now, with distant Ukraine, the country is still in the depths of the war, considering the war Afterwards, it is necessary to rebuild their homes. Although some netizens agree with their reasons, they still raise some doubts.

Ukraine joins Portugal and Spain in bid to host 2030 World Cup
Ukraine joins Portugal and Spain in bid to host 2030 World Cup

Although the 2030 World Cup seems to be far away from now, considering the construction of venues, planning for the World Cup, and other work, there is not much empty window of time to waste. As early as the end of 2010, it was decided that Qatar will be the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and Qatar has been busy preparing for the event until recently.

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