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2022 World Cup prediction | Nordic powerhouse Denmark unpopular points information!

2022 World Cup Predictions
2022 World Cup Predictions

2022 World Cup prediction The Nordic powerhouse Denmark, less than half a year before the opening of the World Cup, is now talking about the Nordic powerhouse Denmark.

The Danish team, now ranked 10th in FIFA, has a very strong lineup. They once won 9 consecutive victories in the world qualifiers.

Finally got tickets for the Qatar World Cup in advance, and after missing the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 European Cup, the Danish team has entered the finals of international competitions three times in a row.

At last year's European Championship, they made it to the semi-finals and even nearly overturned England to advance to the final.

Denmark frequently switches between back three and four
Denmark frequently switches between back three and four

Today, under the leadership of head coach Jule Mann, the Danish team frequently switches between a back three and a back four.

Double midfielders Delaney and Hoiberg are very key figures.

They need to share the responsibilities of attacking and defending, while captain Kjaer leads the defense.

The defensive end of the team is also very strong under the leadership of Christensen and goalkeeper Schmeichel Jr.

In the first eight games of the World Qualifiers, maintaining all the goal differences is enough to illustrate this point.

With Eriksen's return to an attacking midfield role, Denmark's overall strength has been further enhanced.

His presence will bring more variety to the frontcourt and further enhance the team's aggressiveness on offense.

They have great hopes of defeating the remaining two opponents, Tunisia and,

2022 World Cup Australia is now likely to become the biggest dark horse of this World Cup?

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