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Who will win the 2022 World Cup Golden Boot? Let me tell you with the lottery handicap!

Who will win the 2022 World Cup Golden Boot?
Who will win the 2022 World Cup Golden Boot?

The 2022 World Cup is about to debut in less than two weeks. Football fans and sports betting players around the world have been looking forward to it. In addition to the World Cup champion, which makes people curious, which player will win the World Cup Golden Boot is also a concern. One of the focuses is that SABA Sports and BTi Sports have both opened the first World Football Championship. Let's take a look at who these online betting platforms see will win the Golden Boot in the Qatar World Cup.

The last World Cup Golden Boot winner - was Harry. Kane

Currently the captain of the England national team, he scored 6 goals in the last World Cup and won the World Cup Golden Boot award. Now he has represented England in 75 games and has scored 51 goals. The second most goalscoring player in the team's history, Harry is very likely to break this record in this Qatar World Cup and win the Golden Boot honor once again.

The youngest goal scorer in the history of the French team - Kilian. Mbappe

The youngest goal scorer in the history of the French team - Kilian. Mbappe
The youngest goal scorer in the history of the French team - Kilian. Mbappe

In the 2018 World Cup football game, he made a blockbuster debut. He scored 2 goals in 4 minutes against Argentina, a football powerhouse in the World Cup round of 16. A player under the age of 20 who scored two goals in a single game and won the 2018 World Cup Rookie of the Year. This time Bappe once again appeared on the stage of the World Football Championship, and all walks of life are very optimistic that this young player can achieve good results.

Leading Brazil to the top of football history - Neymar

This time world football in Brazil is full of stars, and each player has a lot of background. In this Pinnacle Sports Golden Boot odds list, in addition to Neymar, there are also two strong players, Richarlison and Vinicius Junior. They are also ranked in the top 10 selections. Presumably, the team has a good chance of winning the Dali Gold Cup again.

Neymar has performed quite well in the club recently. In the fifth round of the Champions League group stage, he made 79 passes and succeeded 68 times, setting a single-game pass record in his Champions League career. At present, Neymar is doing well, making him also on the list of predictions for the Golden Boot World Cup.

This year's Golden Globe winner - is Karim. Benzema

Karim. Benzema
Karim. Benzema

In the league last season, he led Real Madrid to win the championship, and also won the Champions League, so Benzema won the Golden Ball award. He was expelled from the national team by the French Football Association for blackmailing his teammates in 2015. Now, because of his excellent performance at the club and the halo of the Golden Ball, he has returned to the 2022 World Cup and became the gold medal of the Qatar World Cup. One of the favorites for the Boot Award.

Qatar World Cup Final Match - Messi

Messi currently has a total of 164 appearances on the national team. Recently, Messi's strength has rebounded, allowing everyone to see Messi's superb strength again. In this year's European and American Cup, Messi successfully assisted twice, helping Argentina beat Italy 3-0 to win the European and American Cup championship, reaching the 40th crown in his career.

This year, Messi scored 86 goals on the national team, becoming the fourth-highest scorer in the national team's football history. This World Cup is very likely to break the personal record again and be promoted to the top three scorers in the scorer list.

World Cup Preliminary Golden Boot Award Ranking

● SABA Sports

● BTi Sports

The above is the preliminary overview of the World Cup Golden Boot awards that have been issued so far. Harry Kane and Mbappe have both firmly ascended the throne of the first and second places, and other players are also aggressive, but due to the current situation The situation is unclear, so the rankings of online betting platforms are also different.

At present, the top five World Football Lottery odds are also indistinguishable. We can only wait for the arrival of the 2022 World Football Championship. When we see it again, who can win this pair of golden boots?

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