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2022 World Cup Drug Testing! Talking about the history of world football with the doping scandal!

2022 World Cup Drug Testing
2022 World Cup Drug Testing

In less than 30 days, the 2022 World Cup is approaching, but recently there is news that no one has passed the drug test in Costa Rica. Drug testing is critical to the World Cup, as Russia has been disqualified from the Qatar World Cup due to doping issues.

In this article, we will use a macro perspective to talk about how the World Cup doping and the FIFA World Cup drug testing will affect football players, and what changes will it bring to football history.

Costa Rica is in trouble. The first person to fail a drug test at the 2022 World Cup

The current World Cup Group E team Costa Rica, recently reported that young defender Orlando Galo was suspended by FIFA due to a positive test of anabolic steroids, and will miss the current Qatar World Cup football match. FIFA said that Galo has been temporarily suspended and has started the relevant work procedures, but has not yet stated what punishment will be imposed. The 22-year-old defender may face a four-year ban.

Costa Rica beat New Zealand 1-0 in the World Cup qualifying round in June to qualify for the final group stage of the World Cup. The group stage will be against Spain, Germany, and Japan, all of which are football powerhouses.

Costa Rica failed the 2022 World Cup drug test.
Costa Rica failed the 2022 World Cup drug test.

Russia misses Qatar World Cup qualification due to doping

In 2019, the World Anti-Doping Organization filed an appeal against Russia's 4-year ban, which will eventually be halved by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The ban will last until December 16, 2022, so the Qatar World Cup is also included in the Russian ban.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport pointed out that, in addition to prohibiting Russia from hosting or bidding for major sporting events, Russian government officials are also prohibited from attending major sporting events, such as the World Football Championships and the Olympics, during the period of the ban. It is also because of such a serious drug ban problem in Russia that everyone began to pay attention to the importance of drug bans and drug testing at sports events.

Soccer National Teams Affected by Doping

The Hungarian football national team should be regarded as one of the countries most affected by doping in football history. In the middle of the last century, Hungary was not only a football power but also had a huge influence enough to shake the football world. In the 1954 World Cup, Hungary was not only one of the favorites to win the championship, but also easily defeated their opponents in every game, all the way to the World Cup final.

In the 1954 World Cup final, Hungary played against West Germany, and West Germany finally made a big comeback and became the World Cup champion. The brilliance was even remade into a movie. However, after the Hungarian national team returned to China in the final, not only was the public scolded, but the government also began to oppress the players' daily life, which made a large number of Hungarian elite players leave one after another.

However, in the second year after the film was released in 2003, the German anti-doping organization announced an investigation and stated that it believed that West Germany was injected with doping in 1954, and there was such a huge change in the field. , but this report has never been taken seriously by FIFA. To this day, fans of the Hungarian national team will still make provocative gestures to the German national team. After all, this doping game has brought Hungarian pain that will never be relieved.

Importance of drug testing for the World Cup

Doping by athletes should be nothing new to most people, but why has it become such a serious problem in sports? Among them, the two core values ​​of "anti-doping" are to seek fair competition and protect the health of athletes. Therefore, before participating in the World Cup football match, every player may be tested for drugs at any time and anywhere.

FIFA has always been very strict about the use of banned drugs and regards banned drugs as cheating. In the World Cup in Russia and the World Cup in Brazil, no positive drug reactions were found, and the outside media was afraid of banning for commercial interests. Drugs affect the revenue of sponsors, but this Qatar World Cup was the first to report that the first person tested positive for drugs. The FIFA World Cup still pays great attention to the use of drugs by players.

After reading this introduction, is it clearer that doping will not only change the performance of the World Cup national team on the field, but also affect the players' health, and also have a better understanding of the huge influence the World Cup has brought to the world?

If you want to know more information about the 2022 World Cup that you don't know, please continue to lock this site to bring you the latest World Football news first-hand.

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