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2022 World Cup One Day Fans Must Read ▸ Seven pre-game highlights at once!

2022 FIFA World Cup One-day must-read for fans ▸ Highlights before the seven major games
2022 FIFA World Cup One-day must-read for fans ▸ Highlights before the seven major games

The World Cup is about to start in two weeks! Are you fans ready for the Qatar World Cup?

There should be many World Football One-day fans who are confused about this year's related information! It doesn't matter, the following World Football Championships 2022 not only organizes the 5 key points that must be known this year but also provides you with the 2022 World Cup schedule and World Football broadcast channels so that fans don't miss every exciting moment of the event!

When will the Qatar World Cup start and where to watch the schedule?

When it comes to the Qatar World Cup, the most important thing is the time of the game. It was originally scheduled to start at 3:30 p.m. India time on Nov. 21.

The rest of the matches are at the same time as officially announced.

It will be a 28-day period from 11/21-12/18, with 12/8, 12/10, and 12/16 all being off days.

Fans who want to watch the game must not remember the wrong date!

2022 FIFA World Cup Schedule
2022 FIFA World Cup Schedule

The first competition format is the World Cup group stage, which is divided into 8 groups with a total of 32 national teams. For any detailed information about the schedule, please click the link below to see more:

2022 World Football Championship broadcast online, three platforms to understand at once

The most important thing to watch a football match is to watch the channel. Since you can't watch the World Cup live, you should find a good World Football broadcast platform, right? In addition to the World Cup ESPN live broadcast platform, is there no free channel?

Yes, the World Football Championship 2022 is available, and it is also a free online broadcast platform!

Just register【LUCKY11 Casino】 click [Sports Competition], and choose any sports betting platform of SBOBET Sports/SABA Sports/BTi Sports, you can watch the 2022 World Cup live broadcast immediately, and it is still free World Football live broadcast!

The best part is that if you watch the World Cup live in these places and just want to try your luck with a lottery game, you can also start sports betting directly.

5 key points of the World Football Championships you must know before the game!

The above two points are what you must know before the game. Now I will tell you the 5 key points of World Football that you cannot miss this year:

Point 1 | Major leagues make way for World Football but lead to tight schedules?

This World Cup is held in winter for the first time. To allow Qatar to start smoothly, the major leagues have adjusted their time to vacate the World Cup period. However, due to the change in the season, many players cannot adapt. Injury problems continued.

Even a few days ago, the main player of South Korea, Son Heung-min, was injured, and it is still unknown whether he will be able to play in the World Cup successfully. The most worrying thing is that the World Cup and the league season overlap, which is not enough for the players to recover well. , so that the outside world can not help but speculate that this situation will seriously affect the original strength of countries, and may even lead to the occurrence of unpopular events.

Point 2|The World Football Championship introduces the "semi-automatic offside" technology for the first time

Not long ago, FIFA announced that it will enable semi-automatic offside technology in Qatar, which means that it will be faster and more accurate than ever to assist referees to determine whether offside fouls. It has already been tested in competitions in some parts of Europe, but this technology has attracted a lot of attention from the outside world because the emergence of the semi-automatic offside system means that misjudgments and the occurrence of a "black whistle" will be greatly reduced.

World Football introduces "semi-automatic offside" technology for the first time
World Football introduces "semi-automatic offside" technology for the first time
Point 3|The official number of players in the Qatar World Football Championship increased to 26

Due to the epidemic, it is easy for players to be diagnosed suddenly, and it is difficult to dispatch manpower. It is also for this reason that last year's European Cup and America's Cup both adjusted the personnel from 23 to 26, and this World Cup FIFA also announced that it will The roster was relaxed, with the number of primary selections increased from 35 to 55, and the final roster selection from 23 to 26.

Point 4|World football superstars have announced their retirement one after another. If you want to see Melo, take advantage of it now!

This point should be heard even by one-day fans! Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have always been the two most powerful players in football. Not long ago, Messi said that this will be his last World Football match; The World Cup is his last kick, and many powerful generals in many countries have also reached retirement age one after. Although Cristiano Ronaldo has not made a statement, his age in the next World Cup is already around 40. As a striker, it is a bit tight. , Basically, this year should also be the last time he played in the World Cup.

World football superstars announced their retirement one after another
World football superstars announced their retirement one after another
Point 5|Can Qatar, which is constantly controversial, successfully host the World Football Championship?

The outside world is very concerned about Qatar, the host country of this year. Coupled with its belief in Islam, many living standards are different from other countries. For example, it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street at ordinary times, and men and women (unless they are married) are not allowed to have sex. Intimacy, having a strange view of homosexuals, etc.

However, all the above deeds will not cause Qatar to fall into such a serious controversy. The main reason for the escalation of the situation is labor issues. In addition, there has been news recently that local Qatar has driven out migrant workers. The residence is only to vacate the building as a hotel for tourists, but the Qatari authorities issued a statement saying that they would no longer respond to the question.

It is also the above behaviors that have caused some national teams and players to protest with actions, such as the Danish national team's downplay of the jersey brand logo, mourning the workers who died in the construction of the world football stadium, and many other protests. The voices of doubts from the host country have continued to this day, and it is worrying whether this session can be held smoothly.

The above is the focus of this year's World Football. Of course, if you want to see more information about World Football, but don't want to spend time searching for articles, you are welcome to the【2022 World Football News】on this site to see more!

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