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2022 FIFA World Cup Team Analysis ▸ Is Group E a dead group?

2022 World Cup Team Analysis
2022 World Cup Team Analysis

The Qatar World Cup is about to start! Fans are pursuing the more exciting the better. Many people in the World Cup group stage regard Group E as the death group and become the focus. Spain and Germany have both won the World Cup in the past, and Japan, the powerhouse of Asian football, will make the top 32 of the World Football Championship elevate to what level is unknown. Let's take a look at the analysis of the World Football Team and let us predict the World Football Championship 2022. The teams that will qualify for the round of 16!

Detailed anatomy of team strength in World Football Group E

List of Group E【Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica】

World Cup Group Stage Highlights Spain vs Germany

Spain's total worth is 750 million, while Germany's is 828 million. Both are worth a lot. In recent years, the two teams have also won the World Cup. Whether it is the players or the overall team strength, the two are equally matched, and they are bound to compete in the World Cup group stage.

Spain is currently in a transitional period. There are not only two veteran players who played in the 2010 World Cup, but also a lot of new blood. The biggest team defect is the lack of strong scorers. The team with the fewest goals among all the qualifying teams.

It is impressive that Germany ate a big turtle in the last World Cup, and the head coach who made the wrong instructions at that time was replaced. Judging from the current European qualifiers, Germany has regained its previous strong strength, and With a mix of old and new players, the biggest worry is that the newly appointed coach has no experience in guiding major international events.

Japan strives to break through the siege and go to the quarter-finals of the World Cup

Since entering the World Cup for the first time in 1998, Japan has not fallen out and has achieved an irreplaceable position in the Asian region. The 2018 World Cup has written a new record for Asian teams in recent years. In this World Cup Qualifiers, I couldn't play my strength well at the beginning, but I played a superb performance immediately and proved myself again.

It is worth mentioning that their performance in the World Cup has always been one of the top 32 and one of the top 16. According to this rule, this session will probably stop at the top 32. After being drawn to Group E this time, netizens said goodbye to the next competition after seeing two big teams in the same group list, but the Japanese head coach refused to admit defeat and expressed his hope to lead the team to the top 8.

Japan Team Analysis
Japan Team Analysis
Costa Rica is the cheapest in the World Cup

In terms of the team's worth, the cheapest team this year is Costa Rica's 17.7 million, which is lower than the host Qatar. Taking the most expensive Germany in this group, it can even form 48 Costa Ricans. add.

Among them, the most expensive player is the team's main player, Carol Navas (8 million), but he is 35 years old. Costa Rica faces many strong teams in the state and the team has no more capable players. It is difficult to reach the last 16 of the World Cup.

The most dangerous death group in this World Cup?

If there is only one spot from the top 32 of the World Cup, then the closest to the death group of all groups must be Group E. After all, Japan and Costa Rica have a small chance of qualifying, so some fans do not think this group can be called a death group.

Overseas lottery company announced the winning odds:

Spain +800

Germany +1000

Japan +25000

Costa Rica +75000

It is not difficult to find that the odds between Spain and Germany are too different from those of the other two teams. To directly judge the qualifications of Group E, the former two can even send the second army.

The most dangerous death group in this World Cup
The most dangerous death group in this World Cup

But anything can happen on the field. In the last World Cup, Germany was the loser of the Asian team. At that time, Japan even passed the test and even nearly defeated the European football hegemon Belgium to advance to the quarter-finals. Therefore, the possibility cannot be ruled out decisively.

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