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Senegal|Can lead African teams back to football glory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

Senegal|Can lead African teams back to football glory in 2022 FIFA World Cup
Senegal|Can lead African teams back to football glory in 2022 FIFA World Cup

The Senegalese national team ranks among the best in the African region of the World Cup. Although there is a slight gap among the many powers in the 2022 World Cup, it has used its strong strength to break through the siege in this African Nations Cup, including Egypt, which has won seven consecutive games. Become the underdog.

Spreading out the history of football, African football teams in the World Cup only stopped in the quarter-finals. Can Senegal carry the mission of African football and achieve better results in this Qatar World Cup? Let's take a look at their introduction!

Stop Egypt's seven-game winning streak and win the African Cup to create a new team history

Senegal's performance in major international competitions is not stable, but it is still a very good team among African countries. In 2002, he not only won the runner-up in the African Cup but also in the group stage of the World Cup in the same year. He was in the same group as France, Denmark, and Uruguay, and was looked down upon by many World Football fans.

But this is not the case. Senegal defeated France 1-0, making France out of the game ahead of schedule, and finally made it to the quarter-finals. It is the second African national football team to advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup after Cameroon. Another bright spot, have begun to pay attention to this team.

However, after winning the runner-up in the African Cup of Nations in 2002, Senegal entered a low ebb and never qualified for the African Cup final. In 2019, with its excellent defensive performance and Sadio Mane's strong assists, Senegal finally entered the championship again after 17 years. Won the runner-up; then, following the outstanding defensive strength of the previous session, he entered the championship game again, defeated Egypt 4:2 in the PK game, and won the first African Cup for the country for the first time.

Many players in Europe participate in the World Cup
Many players in Europe participate in the World Cup

Many players in Europe participate in the World Football Championship and add points to the national team

As a football fan, I believe that you must have heard of Mane, the striker. Sadio Mane is the winner of the 2022 African Footballer of the Year. Since joining the national team in 2012, Senegal has made continuous achievements in major football competitions. Climbing, but in addition to his top strength, it is also due to the major players in Europe.

Senegal has the title of "French Second Team" in international football because many players in this team have been trained by French youth and have achieved quite dazzling results in the French Ligue 1. Many top players. Senegalese players were even poached by France and became dual-national players, but other players who stayed and continued to play for Senegal also laid a solid foundation for the team. Especially in this 2022 FIFA World Cup, three of the world's top stars will play, so the top 32 A of the 2022 World Cup will become one of the most popular teams with the best chance of qualifying.

The World Football Group is expected to qualify, hoping to create the best results for African teams

African teams have always been looked down upon by many football fans. It is generally believed that Africa does not understand the stereotype of football. However, in recent years, the African Cup of Nations has gradually changed everyone's view, and world football has re-understood the strength of African football. Africa has always been at an economic disadvantage, making it impossible to improve the level of African football. However, in recent years, African players in Europe have continued to climb, which indirectly drives their football strength.

This time Senegal has the bonus of the African Cup of Champions strength in the 2022 World Football Championship, as well as strong cohesion and strong team strength, and this group stage A group of opponents Qatar, the Netherlands, and Ecuador, only the Netherlands has more strength than its team, giving them a good chance to qualify after qualifying for the World Cup finals. If you continue to master your advantages, you may be able to continue the 2002 World Football Championship and enter the quarter-finals and win the best result.

If you want to know whether Senegal will play a new height in the Qatar World Cup and write better results for the World Cup Africa region, continue to pay attention to the latest news of the LUCKY11 2022 World Cup, welcome the arrival of the World Cup, and live broadcast the World Cup together Come cheered for the team you support.

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